Web Design

When it comes to professional web design, it is paramount that the website not only looks good but also functions well.

A13 Design build simple website’s that work.

If you’re in the market for a new website then you should by now understand the importance of a website in the business model. A website provides a way for businesses to reach a large audience quickly, in the UK 7 in 10 people now own a Smartphone so people are increasingly becoming connected to the web. A website allows you to capitalise on this.

Web Design

Our Web Design Process

First we get to know your business, in getting to know your business we get to know your objectives.

With clear objectives set we use our expertise and experience to create a concept for your website and work out how it will function. In the industry we look at the UX – this is the User Experience. This is basically ensuring that the site is built with the user in mind and the process for them to get to the desired goal is a simple one. That desired goal may be to get the to information on the site, or it may be to contact you, purchase from you whatever the purpose of the site may be.

After function comes the website design and a process of mockups and feedback allows us to reach a design that you are happy with.

Once the design has been signed off the build can commence. A theme is built for your site that creates the underlying structure, the shell and bricks and mortar so to speak. We always build mobile friendly websites, this is a must in todays climate and with recent google algorithm updates.

From there your content is added and presented in a way that keeps with the theme of the site. On-site SEO has to be correct therefore experience is called upon and best practice adhered to.

As you can see, there are many aspects to professional web design and to build a successful website requires an understanding of all of them, including the industry in which they operate. By thinking commercially, we approach web design in a pragmatic manner with a view that the website needs to have an end goal and convert, such as raising brand awareness, have a potential customer contact you and suchlike.